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Are You Looking for a Certified Domestic Electrician in London?

Domestic electrical work is a home service many of us need regularly or in times of emergency. HomeReps domestic electricians are always on call for your emergency electrical issues and can be booked for regular maintenance of your home.

Your home’s electrical safety is by far more important than its appearance. But they are often neglected more than issues with the façade of the building. While some people may think domestic electrical work isn’t complex and can be done with DIY-level skills, a professional electrician would tell you otherwise.

The difference between experienced repair work and novice meddling is usually an accident or a catastrophe, so don’t try to fix your electrical issues at home if you have no electrical repair experience with the appliance or fixture. Call HomeReps to book proficient domestic electricians in London for your electrical emergencies, long-standing issues or routine maintenance visits.

Best Home service company for residential electrical works

Our team of electricians are selected based on their high performance and trustworthiness, a combination that HomeReps find most effective for domestic settings. We will not be trusting someone with no experience and certifications with the safety of your property and your life.

Safety is our top concern during electrical repair and replacement operations. The safety of the property, its occupant, and anyone exposed or involved in the process will be the responsibility of all our staff. While safety is our main concern, it will not affect the performance of our electricians or our schedule, as we have integrated our routine operations with the applicable safety measures for domestic electrical work.

Our Main Domestic Electrical Services:

  • Examining and repairing electrical circuits and wiring layout
  • Repair and maintenance of electrical appliances or installations such as lampstands and light bulbs, refrigerators and washing machines and other electrical fixtures
  • Installation of additional electrical fixtures or installations on the circuit such as power outlets and new circuits for an added room
  • Consumer unit maintenance and replacement, and circuit breaker replacement in case of overload accidents
  • Installing smart home and IoT based devices on your property
  • Installing new electrical appliances such as power showers, electric ovens, heaters, etc.

First and second finish electrical work

Suppose you are building a new house or adding a new room to your home. In that case, HomeReps can offer domestic electrical services for integrating it with your building and adjusting the consumer unit, installing new wiring and sockets, switches and sensors. Our staff have the collective experience to offer full first and second finish domestic electrical work for new buildings and constructs.

Suppose you have built a new glass box extension and want to connect it to your primary electrical circuit and install new electric fixtures without damaging the structure. In that case, our domestic electricians are available for hire.

Home Renovation Electrical works

If you have recently renovated the building and everything has a fresh look except the electrical fixtures, you may consider a complete electrical makeover. Our experienced domestic electricians can remove the old fixtures and attach new ones without damaging the fresh paint of the coat or the plasterwork.

Delicate operations are where HomeReps shines the most, with a perfect track record for flawless electric installations and replacements. Our domestic electricians can also provide insight on possible electrical fixture replacements and share details about their specifications and advantages compared to other options. You can contact us for consultation if you aren’t sure about the details of your electrical renovation.

We have great offers for installing up-to-date electric fixtures that can be controlled through an integrated smart home system, giving you control of all your electrical appliances and fixtures through an application for smartphones.

Residential Electrical Maintenance & Repairs

Our Routine Electrical Maintenance and Repairs Services:

  • EICR Testing and Issuance of the certificate, and handling repairs or replacements for any item that fails the safety standards test for private sector electrical installations and fixtures
  • Carrying out portable appliance testing or PAT for electrical appliances and offering repair or replacement services for failing item
  • Testing emergency lights and other emergency electrical appliances installed on the property
  • Examining house circuitry and wiring on a regular basis to avoid any safety issues
  • Routine maintenance and testing of sensors and safety fittings

Contact HomeReps to hire qualified domestic electricians in London

Our staff have gone through rigorous training and qualification exams before being certified for electrical work in London. Call or send us a message online to get in touch with our available electricians.