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We offer special deals for upgrading from an old wooden fuse box to a more advanced consumer unit or replacing an existing consumer unit because it has been damaged or needs an upgrade.

Consumer units have a limit for circuit installation, and naturally, more expensive models can hold more circuits and have more safety measures and design improvements. Installing such a consumer unit and connecting it to the various circuits in your property needs professional care, something you can find at HomeReps with our excellent team of electricians.

The person in charge of replacing a consumer unit must be certified to provide professional electrical maintenance services. Additionally, a certified electrician can also issue an EICR certificate with approving the correct installation of the consumer unit and observance of safety guidelines.

HomeReps offers the following services in addition to consumer unit replacement:

  • Repairing damaged or outdated fuse boards and circuit breakers
  • Rewiring or adjusting consumer unit components if supported by the consumer unit
  • Replacing the consumer unit cover with a more recent model
  • maintenance and routine testing of residential and commercial consumer units

Our services are not limited to only replacing consumer units; we provide maintenance and rewiring work for any consumer unit model. Suppose you want to add an extra circuit to your home as part of a renovation project or to support the addition of a new heavy-duty electrical appliance. In that case, HomeReps professionals are at your behest. Our electricians can also install additional safety measures on your consumer unit board, such as a residual current device or other electrical safety devices. Contact us for a short survey to determine what your consumer unit can support or what you can do to upgrade your consumer unit safety.

Learn more about your consumer units

The consumer unit is the main access point to the city’s electrical grid, making it vital and volatile. Any issues with the circuits on the fuse board must be identified and resolved as quickly as possible. Ignoring the maintenance of your consumer unit may cause accidents or issues affecting everything connected to the consumer unit. If your devices aren’t protected by RCD guards, they could be fried with a surge in the electric current. Something happens in specific defective consumer units with outdated or damaged circuit breakers.

Residential Consumer Unit Installation and Replacement

Are the edges of your electrical sockets discoloured? Are you having frequent breaker trips for no apparent reason? Suppose you have experienced fluctuating electrical currents, or the house lights regularly flicker when certain appliances are plugged in. In that case, it’s perhaps time to replace the consumer unit with a new and upgraded one. It’s easier to contact a professional for an assessment of damage instead of meddling with the consumer unit yourself. The risks of electrocution by a consumer unit have proven fatal in many cases because of the higher voltage.

Consumer units in residential houses may have lower amperage that can’t support the additional electrical charge of heavy-duty appliances. If your breakers trip every time you plug in a new device, it’s time to upgrade your consumer unit. Contact HomeReps electrical services and find residential consumer unit replacement offers r unit replacement in London.


HomeReps offers extensive commercial electrical services, including replacement, repair, and testing commercial consumer units in London and the greater London area. Our electricians are qualified for commercial electrical work not just by virtue of experience, as they are certified for commercial electrical work in the UK. All our operations are protected under a robust insurance plan that can cover your property damages if they are caused by our interference.

We provide EICR certificates for Consumer Units

If you are a House Owner, in addition to our services for damaged or outdated consumer units, our electricians are certified to issue EICR certificates for modified or replaced consumer units. Under new regulations in the UK, you have to provide a copy of such a report to your tenants and the local housing authority after carrying out electrical repairs or replacing installations in a rented property for the private sector.

Call our office to find out about our special deals for consumer unit replacements

If you are curious about the cost of replacing a consumer unit and the price range for different replacement options, contact us for further consultation and discuss payment options and installation details.