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Being a homeowner or a business manager makes no impact on how important security is in a property. That is why most residential buildings have also installed CCTV cameras for around the clock monitoring of their premises. CCTV is a failsafe for your other security systems, and it can alarm you in real-time if there are any breaches if you choose a model with motion detector sensors. Even if you don’t select an advanced model, the closed-circuit camera footage can help you identify a suspect. Moreover, certified CCTV footage can be used in court as evidence in theft cases. It is known to be ten times as effective as conventional burglar alarm systems, and it is definitely an investment worth making to have a good night’s sleep.

Are you looking for an enhanced security system?

Install IP POE Security Cameras installations

The experience Home Reps staff offers unmatched in London, as we have handled so many successful security system project all over the city. Our inventory includes all top of the line CCTV equipment and variations, and we can guide you through choosing a solution by offering insight into their specifications and blind spots. Your choices in CCTV equipment determine the final cost of the security camera system, and our technicians can calculate the amount when they offer you different packages.

Home Reps is committed to providing exceptional quality of service.

  • Certified Technicians with extensive experience
  • Free consultation and extended customer support service for CCTV systems
  • Coverage of all projects in the city and greater London area
  • Around the clock response
  • High-end security system technologies

Our security systems include but are not limited to:

  • Anti-burglar alarm systems
  • Intruder alert systems with advanced detectors
  • Wireless alarm system with mobile companion application available
  • direct line to the police station for excellent response time from authorities

We don’t just offer a phenomenal installation; we follow through with an excellent customer support service to keep your security systems running and up to date.

Why Choose a CCTV security system?

CCTV is an excellent choice for ensuring security in various sites and settings, both commercial and private, and here are a few:

  • They are a visible warning sign to burglars and intruders that your property is under surveillance
  • They have failsafe recording modes to ensure your property is always watched
  • CCTV provides evidence for legal prosecution and helps you figure out what has been stolen, and also show the flaw in your security measures
  • No lower quality videos, all-new CCTV cameras are HD and even Full HD
  • Around the clock surveillance means you don’t have to lose sleep over the safety

Remote CCTV Alerts can notify you of any intruders or breaches remotely!

All high definition CCTV security systems offer motion detection and remote notification as an essential service. Suppose anyone enters the camera’s line of sight and triggers the motion detector. In that case, an alarm is sent to your phone via the companion application. You can quickly notify the authorities or disable the motion detector if it’s a false alarm.

Although with the latest algorithms for facial recognition, some of the more advanced models can even avoid false alarms by identifying defined faces as occupants.

Night Vision CCTV cameras are necessary; otherwise, what’s the point?

It is a known fact that most crimes, especially burglaries, happen at night. A CCTV security system that cannot identify anything at night is practically useless in those cases. If you are serious about protecting your property from nightly visits by thieves, choose an HD CCTV camera model that can provide an acceptable level of definition even in low light situations.

Face Detection Algorithms and Adaptive Restriction via AI technology

We can help set up a library of approved personnel for any CCTV facial recognition system in businesses to restrict access to certain areas and use. You can either add people to the VIP list for special permits or ban confidence or people from entry to chosen locations by adding them to the block list. We can also tweak the settings to trigger the alarm if any unknown personnel are detected on the premises.

Frequently Asked Questions About CCTV Cameras

What if my neighbours are uncomfortable with my CCTV settings?

We can modify our CCTV cameras to avoid peeking at your neighbour’s property. You can assure your neighbour that your closed-circuit security system does not infringe on their privacy.

Are CCTV cameras wires visible on the walls or ceiling?

Most CCTV solutions are Wi-Fi powered today, but even if we have to install a wired system, we will make sure it is concealed to the best of our abilities and the wires won’t ruin your décor.

Is a professional CCTV installation too expensive for its benefits?

DIY installations are unreliable in technical terms, and you may also make mistakes about details that only a professional CCTV installation expert would know.

Are CCTV recorders too loud at night?

If the hard drive you are using to record the feed on site is a hard disk drive, it may make some noise that is especially audible at night. But if you decide to have an SSD drive for recording, the noise issue is completely solved.

Can I use my CCTV footage in court as evidence?

Yes, the footage can be submitted to the court as evidence to estimate damages or identify the perpetrator of a crime. In addition, if a crime takes place in your CCTV records, the police can legally request a copy for their case.

Can CCTV cameras get hacked easily?

It depends on the model, as some CCTV cameras aren’t on an online network; they are impossible to be accessed remotely. If you use an online CCTV service for monitoring, the only way to access the footage would be hacking your account or the company’s servers, which are both problematic since security companies spend a lot on their cyber security.