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Are you tired of your old carpet and how it looks in your room? Or perhaps it was ruined at last night’s party by a bizarre accident, and now you need to replace it. Whatever the case, installing a new carpet isn’t a job you can handle all by yourself. Especially if you’re still hungover.

Contact us to find out how much it will cost to install a new carpet or replace an old one!

It may not seem like much of a complicated job, but once you start removing the old carpets damaging the floor, you’ll wish you had called a professional for carpet fitting.

Here at HomeReps, we employ a team of professional carpet fitters ready to handle even the most delicate floors and carpet models. Does your home have concealed heating underneath the floor? Contact us for any floor work. Otherwise, you risk damaging the heating system.

How Much Should You Expect to Pay for Carpet Fitting?

Buying new carpets can be a burden on your pocket, so you might want to look for a more economical plan for fitting them. But be careful; a low price usually equals sloppy work. On another note, some carpet models may come packed with hidden costs. For example, specific models can only be fitted using matching adhesive material and may not respond to conventional adhesive solutions. That’s why you should consult an expert before making a purchase. Our technicians can recommend the most compatible model for your home after a consultation visit to the house.

  • One of the most important factors involved in calculating the final cost of a carpet fitting is texture type. Another influential component is the underlay. If it’s water-proof or heat-resistant, it could double in price.
  • One of the most popular models is twist polypropylene. They’re a mix of adequate comfort, durability and design, and their price range is reasonable, to say the least. That combination makes them one of the best sellers for refurbishments and fitting new homes.

We Offer Carpet Fitting Services at The Best Available Price

Perhaps you have purchased the carpet on your own and are now looking for someone to install it. It’s a pretty complicated task for someone with little experience in handy work around the house. If you are unfamiliar with fitting and the tools it requires, simply removing the carpet could take you a full day. In the end, you might even cause more damage to the floor than the carpet could cover.

Carpet Fitting Requires Certification as well!

Believe it or not, an organisation called the National Institute of Carpet and Floor layers are tasked with qualification carpet fitters in the UK. While their validation isn’t enough proof for you to trust a service provider, it certainly boosts your confidence in their legal legitimacy and subsequently means they can be held responsible for services rendered. Don’t forget to read the reviews about the carpet fitting providers.