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Bay Windows: best choice for homeowners

If you’re planning to change your house or have any further refurbishment projects, maybe we can help you there. A popular choice for homeowners who want to increase their house’s natural light is fitting new window frames or repairing the older ones. Bay windows are designed perfectly to maintain your desire. You can use them as an extension to your building by maximising floor space to three ft. also; you can choose different types of casement for bay windows to match them with the personality of your structure. There is a variety of glasses that can be used in bay windows. The modern double glazed bay window would be an eco-friendly, energy-efficient option.

Out experts in HomeReps also craft bay windows with uPVC profiles suitable for thermal capability and security.

Why bay windows are a suitable choice for your home?

  • Increase the security of your house

    Besides the marvellous visual created by bay windows, you can also add a new level of security to your house. We use the finest materials and unique features to make windows weather-proofing and thermal resistance for your home.

    Strong hinges hold the window in place, and locking mechanics embedded perfectly within the window profile has the best quality, which is highly durable.

  • Modern Energy Efficiency

    One of the most critical aspects of using doubled glazed windows is increasing the thermal resistance of your house. A Thermal efficient property has fewer annual expenses than a typical house. Lower energy usage means lower bills and also an A+ rating in WER.

    Besides this point, by reducing the amount of your carbon footprint, you would also help the mother of the earth! This one may be one of the direct benefits of double glazing windows, which is worth a whole life!

Multiple windows with a chambered profile bring maximum natural light to your house.

bay window design & installation in london

Our window fitters in HomeReps are experienced well in installing and restoration bay windows. Even if you have wooden old bay windows, we can repair them and fix their issues. Our company offer a full service in bay window fitting and repair, replacement and redecoration in London area.

  • Window design: We will undertake every aspect of designing structures in the project. Relax with knowledge of our skill and experience in windows installation in London over the years.
  • Bespoke bay windows: If you want your unique, customised frame design for your house, we can offer you a personalised bay window. Our services contain a new design with new materials or ratios that reflect your taste in design and individuality.
  • Repair and rebuild bay windows: Our experienced technicians breathe life into damaged windows by piecing in new parts and helping you to take care of your antique Georgian bay windows.

Get an estimate of bay windows replacement cost in London from our professionals in HomeReps.

Call us now if you’re looking for new bay windows and still have more questions about prices and installation protocols during covid-19!