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Shower leaks can be repaired at home with a
bit of effort

Some of the simple issues around the bathroom can lead to serious trouble over time. Pipe leaks are one of those issues. If you have a leaky pipe, in addition to the extra water usage on your bill, you will have to worry about decay and bacteria growth in your bathroom, something that you definitely would want to avoid. The incessant flow of water can provide the bacteria with a habitat to grow in, and some of those bacteria could stain the shower fixtures. Mold is another unholy sight that your leaking shower could help fester in your bathroom. If you get mold in your bathroom, you will have to call for professional bathroom repairs, as exposure to mold can be bad for your hygiene.

Your plumbing setup can easily tell you whether the leaking in your shower arm can be easily fixed or needs more than quick repair. So to start, figure out the exact location of the leak. If it’s on the shower or shower arm, you can easily repair it, although is recommended to call a professional plumber for your bathroom repairs.

Leaking Showers, and common issues with bathroom fixtures

Shower arms, where the shower valve is connected to the showerhead, are one of the most common leaking hazards in a bathroom. the reason is the constant pressure that is applied to the shower arm, as it is frequently moved around during showers. Sometimes the shower arm gets damaged upon replacement, which means it was installed improperly.

There is a dripping noise from the bathroom wall. What does it mean?

The most serious bathroom leaks are the ones behind the walls, as the water could ruin the bathroom fittings behind the wall and mosaics, and even cause the wall to collapse. Or worse, your concealed wiring could be exposed to water, causing an electrical catastrophe. If you hear water leaking from inside the bathroom walls, call a professional repairman for bathroom repairs in London.

You can fix simple leaks yourself, but it takes some work

If your bathroom shower pipe is leaking, and you feel like you could do a little plumbing for fun, to feel like Mario and escape this pandemic reality, you can try a simple trick. It’s as easy as replacing it with a new length of pipe with the damaged bits and sealing the joints for good measure.

But if you don’t feel like learning all about plumbing and just want your bathroom repairs done with little headache and professional mannerism, hope reps are your best option. And we don’t just cover shower leaks, our services vary from leaks in concealed piping to installing new bathroom fixtures. We can even install your new bathtub with no demolition.

Bathroom repairs cost more later if you ignore them now

Most small leaks will lead to a pipe burst, later on, so call hope reps and prevent future plumbing that could cost a fortune.