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Are you planning a bathroom renovation for your home in London?

You can contact us for consultation and installation of the new fixtures. We have a variety of bathroom fitting models available in contemporary and classic styles. We also offer in-person project managing for the project. You just have to focus on choosing the new model of your bathroom tiles or bathtub.

Bathroom Designs – Repair & Installation

HomeReps is offering one of the best refurbishment services in London, and you can expect services such as:

  • Bathroom design based on your current setup and any new fixture or detail you may want for the new bathroom. Our planners will take into account all design standards, so you don’t have to worry about the colour theory of your bathroom walls. We can even help you pick complimentary art for the bathroom walls.
  • Our planners fully coordinate with the electricians to ensure the accurate installation of light fixtures for perfect lighting.
  • Homereps plumbing experts are well-versed in bathroom refurbishment intricacies and won’t forget any details that may ruin the function of the new or old fixtures.
  • The staff will take extra care not to damage any existing structures in the bathroom, so you can rest assured your expensive bathroom installations will not be damaged.
  • We follow all building regulations and guidelines applicable in London, the UK, throughout our projects.
  • Bathroom Redesign is Simple if you hire experts!

    We design both home bathroom setups and any outdoor bathroom models. If you want to have a new bathroom installed in the yard for your summer parties, we can install one with minimal plumbing work and make sure it is in the confinements of UK housing safety regulations.

  • Bathroom Refurbishment Planning

    Our refurbishment services are in line with our policy of comfort for the client, as we can handle all aspects of your bathroom planning, should you choose to hire our planners for redesigning your bathroom.

  • Bathroom Fitting Services

    If your bathroom is missing a few key installations or fixtures, you can count on us for quick and moderately priced bathroom fitting service any day of the week

Bathroom refurbishment can be explained in three simple steps:

  • Preliminary Planning

    It all starts with your call or email to our office. We will offer a consultation visit to figure out what we are dealing with and give you an estimate of how long it would take and how much money it would cost to turn your bathroom into something you have been dreaming about for years.

  • Design Process

    Once you have given us an overview of what you want in your new bathroom, our planners must figure out what needs to be done and the details of the project. After this step, the final cost of the refurbishment is calculated.

  • Installation Day, or Days

    After you approve the quote, our staff will get to work on your project. It usually takes less than a day for most bathroom refurbishment designs to be completed, but this time might vary for specific cases.

We can help you choose the best design for your new bathroom:

We understand the plethora of bathroom fixture designs can be confusing for you, especially if you don’t have any experience with bathroom refurbishment. It’s not just a question of personal taste, different models may vary in function and price, and some could present challenges in incompatible settings. Make sure you discuss the details with our consultants before buying any material that may end up useless for your project.

We can provide customised suggestions and refurbishment packages for your bathroom based on the assessment of our planners during their first visit.

We’ll take into account the overall style of your home and interior design so the bathroom doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. We guarantee matching colour schemes in all segments.

Our bathroom renovation solutions in London and the greater London area offer the best prices combined with a superior work ethic and time management skills unmatched by our competitors. You can take a look at previous HomeReps professional bathroom refurbishment projects to see the quality for yourself.

DIY Bathroom makeovers can end up costing a fortune!

It would be best if you consider the following before deciding on any definitive plan for bathroom refurbishment:

  • The effect of renovation on your ideredneighbors and whether your bathroom shares a wall with them. You may need to get their consent before starting the project. Otherwise, they could sue you for damages.
  • Whether it is legal to make any changes to your refurbishment, maybe your landlord or building manager has strict rules about any remodelling work in the property. In addition, certain refurbishments may significantly increase power consumption above the allowed level.
  • If the refurbishment will involve demolition of particular walls or relocation of walls, and if any load-bearing barriers are involved in the remodelling process.
  • are your bathroom floors sturdy enough to hold the weight of a heavy marble bathtub that you want to install? Some installations may require floor reinforcement.
  • If you’re installing a power shower, the water pipes may need to be replaced, and your walls may need reinforcement as well.
  • It’s essential to consider the location of drain pipes in the new bathroom design that you have in mind.
  • If you need to acquire permits from the local housing authority for certain refurbishments if the location of certain building elements is altered and requires to be registered again.

If you don’t want to focus on the details but still have a few ideas for the refurbishment, you can hire a remodelling manager from HomeReps to take care of the entire refurbishment process. This manager will, of course, reach out to you when choosing the material and their design and give you a quota of the final price and how much each option would cost. If you want to learn more about the opportunity, they will provide details of their advantages and their personal recommendation.